Composite Image

One of the delightful improvement in digital world of photography, we are in the ability to create event the impossible visibility of images. For this, we need to follow some steps involved in the process of composite image using similar (always not) images with different lighting, time, location and background also.

What is Composite image?

Composite image is basically a Composite photo merged or blended together from different multiple images into a single surface. While creating composite picture blended together from different multiple images, you can also give more splendid look to the same by adding special background effects. The goal is to give a visual illusion to the composite picture as it is existed in the world, even though it is not in front of your camera.

Our team dedicatedly work on the process of creating Composite photo based on your requirement (blend photos of client’s choice). We also work on our own idea, if the theme is discussed with us for any General composite image requirement (blend photos of our own choice images). The most popular way is to do composite image photoshop process; we are having a group of people to work on this Latest technology photoshop image editing software.

Benefits to make a composite image in photoshop:

  • Main advantage to make a composite image in photoshop, we can create the impossible layer images into a composite picture which has many more single separate images combined in one wanted background with special effects.
  • You can also create a multiple occurrence of one person/object (clone of one single person/object) in one single Composite photo by using layers settings.
  • We are having a specialized composite image maker with us to give better look with single final background image.
  • We take less turnaround time to make composite image online by giving guarantee output.
  • This composite image technique is basically required for Movie banner creation, photo albums, CD/DVD Covers, Magazines., etc.
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