Model Hair Masking

Generally, image masking serviceis the technique used to show your image separate from its recent background which is not suitable. This process should be undertaken without destroying the image originality. The Image masking service is done to remove the unwanted tiny objects, unclean background or any other fuzzy images from the original picture. At Colors Premedia, you can explore the best experience by having our Image masking service at high quality. We are having a group of experts who work on these services and provide you a sure change in your favorite picture.

Basically, Photographers and graphic designers requires Image masking service to showcase their images in different background without affecting the natural look of the image. For most of the photographers it is very useful in cost reduction of travel, as because if they want to take pictures with natural background they no need to travel long distance. They can just take pictures with their own environment and get connect to Colors Premedia for Image masking service to separate the image and change the recent background of your image.

Hair Masking Service

Hair masking in photoshop is one of the important technique in hair masking images.Sometimes it will be very difficult to remove tiny objects, unwanted hair and unwanted background from problematic images. Hair Masking Service is a very useful technique to remove the unwanted objects with detailed work from the image. This hair masking in photoshop is required while editing any kind of fashion model photographs. Normally, pen tool is used for masking solution, when it gets difficult for some images we need to go for hair masking in photoshop. The Photo editing teams we have are highly skilled experts on Latest technologies of Model Hair Masking solutions.

When a photographer takes a picture of any fashion model, he will be having flowing hair with fuzzy edges. In order to have a perfect look for hair, our skilled professionals are dedicated to work on client requirement in terms of offering Model Hair Masking solutions. Our Hair Masking Services are very useful for all type of photographers, photo studios, Artwork galleries, web designers and for all online business people.

After extracting the background from image using image masking service, Hair masking service. It is will be saved as Alpha channel with selected areas of an image as 8-bit grayscale images in the Photoshop channels palette while doing hair masking in photoshop. This alpha channel masking is related to file size, as it makes the downloading and uploading process very lighter. This Alpha cha

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